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Nose Flute
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Kids Corner Music toys, vacuum packed with header card, assorted colors.

The Nose Flute is fun to play with. You press the nose flute firmly against your nose and mouth. The big part goes over your mouth, and the small part goes against your nose.
Hold your mouth well open. Blow air only through your nostrils, making sure that no air leaks form the edges of the nose flute. The air blows across your open mouth, and by adjusting the size and shape of your open mouth, you can create various pitches.
With a little practice you can create quite musical sounds. Each Nose Flute . Try not to make a too much a fool of yourself attempting to play it. Its original name was "Humanatone" and has been around for quite a while. Its approximate dimensions are 2.38 inches "tall", 2.75 inches wide, and thin enough to fit in a blouse, shirt, or trouser pocket. Made out of flexible plastic, it's both fun and safe, 'though you should never try to stuff one up your nose!

If you're more technically minded, think of the nose flute as a slide whistle with the volume of enclosed air in the mouth serving the note changing function of the slide.

Nose flutes are perfect for "breaking the ice" at meetings or parties - we've even sold them to brides and grooms for their wedding receptions, and one recent customer told us she uses them in her speech therapy work.
Visit you tube to see many videos of musicians demonstrating this product.
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