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Music Time Circle of Fifths Wall Clock
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Patented dial is the "circle of fifths," textbook chart of "perfect fifth" intervals. Truly the "key to the keys," it shows how many sharps or flats go with each of the 12 major and minor keys. The clock face is a guide to harmonic progressions and other patterns. This clock makes it easy to master the circle of fifths as a tool for understanding musics grammar.
The Circle of Fifths Clock, a decorative timepiece for music lovers, was designed to serve also as a convenient learning tool for musicians and students.
Based upon the textbook circle of fifths diagram familiar to music students, the dial marks the hours with letters representing the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. These are arranged clockwise, as a sequence of skips or intervals, of a "perfect fifth" (e.g., from C to G G to D etc), returning in the twelfth skip to the beginning. This interval is one of the most powerful and harmonious in western music.
The letters also identify the key signatures of major and minor scales generated by adding sharps or flats associated with each key is shown on the outer ring of the smaller circled numbers - white circles or half-circles for sharps and black for flats. Paired letters and numbers indicate equivalent, alternative ("enharmonic") forms.
Runs on one AA battery (not supplied).Plastic Construction.10" Dia. Precision Quartz movement. Molded Plastic Construction.
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Product Reviews:

Circle of Fifths Clock It makes a little noise that you can only hear with dead silence, but other than that it's great

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