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Acrylic Timbales 13 Inch & 14 Inch Heads
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Shell Depth
6 1/2" Tall
10" Extradeep Shell
8 1/2 " Deep Shell

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SKU #142627

Superior quality and authenticity in sound designed for the professional or advanced player. Includes heavy duty, fully height-adjustable, tilting timbale stand, cowbell mounting bracket with Tycoon TW-60 cowbell, pair of timbale sticks, and tuning wrench. Acrylic timbales expand the tones and ranges usually produced by traditional steel timbales. Shells available in standard depth (6-1/2 inches tall), deep-shell (8-1/2 inches tall) and extradeep shell (10 inches tall). Stand included. 34 Inch Width and 22.5 Length. Please see right side panel to choose shells depth.
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