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ON-LINE Shopping
How fast are my orders shipped
What happens if items are backordered
Ordering and payment
Fax Orders
Right to Order
What is inside delivery?
What if at the time the product is delivered I see obvious damage to the shipment?
What if I receive damaged Product?
What if product is received and signed for as damaged product?
What if the product was signed for as clear but later concealed damage is found after the delivery?
Why do I have to give you my telephone number?
Colors and Sizes
Do I have to pay tax?
Does Music Treasures special order?
Does Music Treasures Co.? Drop ship?
How will my order be shipped?
Is a Return Authorization (RA) required?
I received damaged goods. what do I do now?
Custom Products
Catalog Pricing
Promotional Discounts/Special Offering
Can I contact Music Treasures Co. Customer Support Department on-line?
Can I place an order with Music Treasures Co?? On-line?
What are Music Treasures Co. business hours?
International Orders
Do you have a retail store that I can shop?
Shipping Charges
APO/FPO Shipments
Personalized Products

  1. ON-LINE Shopping:

    Our web store is constantly being updated to better serve you. We are continually adding new products and services. If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, please check back with us regularly or call our customer service department (1-800-666-7565).

  2. How fast are my orders shipped?

    Orders are normally shipped within 48 hours. Seasonal periods during Christmas and School-end may delay your order. Drop ship products or Special order products are shipped from the manufacturer and may take 2-3 weeks. Awards and special engraving may take 2-3 weeks depending on our production backlog at time of order placement. Orders placed on the Internet are processed the next business day. If you require special handling, Air or emergency shipments please call our customer service department to discuss your options.

  3. What happens if items are back order?

    We do not back order. If your order is shipped incomplete the product was not in stock or was discontinued. Your packing slip will show a (OS) (out of stock) or a (DISC) (discontinued) notation. You were not charged for the product not shipped and your shipment charge was adjusted accordingly. If the product has a reasonable expected delivery date we may hold your order to ship complete.

  4. Ordering and payment

    Orders and Billing

    All schools enjoy terms of net 30 days as long as orders are placed on school letterhead or purchase order. Individuals should include a check, money order, or credit card information. When using your credit card, be sure to include all numbers, the name as it appears on the card, the complete billing address of the card, ad the expiration date. By sending us your order, you are agreeing to abide by our billing terms. Orders will be subject to a minimum dollar amount of $25.00 for retail purchase orders and $75.00 for wholesale purchase orders.

    Paying By Check

    All orders can be paid by money order, cashiers check, or personal check. Simply print out the order page and mail it with your check to the following address:

    Music Treasures Co.
    55 Highway 85
    Senoia, GA 30276

    On all credit card orders, the name on the credit card must match the name on the billing address. A Music Treasures order processor reviews Credit Card orders, and we may phone you if there is a question about a credit card order. This is for your protection to guarantee the validity of an order, and to safeguard against fraudulent credit card use. A telephone or certified mail will notify you if we suspect the misuse of your credit card. Placing an order does not automatically guarantee credit card approval! Please provide the CVV2 three-digit security code on the back of your credit card. This provides additional security against fraud and threat of your card. You will not get a credit card receipt. Nor will the credit information you provided appear on your packing slip. You will see an authorization code at the bottom of the packing slip and the charge will appear on your end of the month statement. This system eliminates the possibility of your encrypted credit card information retrieved by us being compromised should your package be tampered with in transit.

    Fax Orders

    You may fax in your order via our fax line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - TOLL FREE! We suggest you use this method whenever possible to speed the processing of your order. FAX: (855) 287-5877) or local (804-730-7200)

    Purchase Order

    We have a purchase order option as part of the check out option. Build your order as you wish and select the Purchase order option as part of the "Payment step" of the check out process, your will given an option to generate a form that you can print. Use this document to generate a purchase order or just reference the order and attach it to your PO and send it to us via US mail. We do need an authorization and payment signature on the PO that will authorize payment for the purchase you desire. The "PO" order is not entered into our system . The store just allows you to generate the paper work for the specific need you expressed.

  5. Duplications

    If you phone or fax your order in to us, please DO NOT mail it! It will be duplicated, as we do not check every order for possible duplications. In the event that we receive your order twice, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee, plus the original shipping fees and the shipping back to us to return the order that was duplicated by you. Please do not phone or fax an order if your school requires a written purchase order to be generated and mailed.

  6. Right to Order

    The person placing the order is responsible for payment of any order placed. When placing the order by phone or fax, we are accepting that order based on your authority from your school or institution.

  7. What is inside delivery?

    Inside delivery is when the carrier will deliver inside the first door of the company. Carriers do not provide the option of delivery to a specific location inside a company. Carriers limit the number of pieces they will delivery inside. Generally products shipped via freight transport (Truck) by Music Treasures Co is shipped with delivery intended for outside dock delivery. Inside delivery/ Set/up is not an option offered. Generally shipment are intended to be delivered on a loading ramp for out side delivery. Customers should have equipment and personnel capable of off loading and inspection of all deliveries. Special handling or ramp off-loads requiring the carrier to dispatch equipment or provide special services should be noted on your purchase order since additional charges will apply. The carrier will contact you for delivery notification. Once the carrier has been dispatched you will be responsible for additional delivery charges if for any reason your are unable to accept delivery.

  8. What if at the time the product is delivered I see obvious damage to the shipment?

    Truck drivers typically will attempt to convince you that they do not have the time to wait while you inspect the packaged product. Insist upon inspecting for possible damages. If the product is damaged or if the packaging has been damaged to the point where it is probable damages have occurred, refuse the shipment. If multiple pieces are received with the shipment, receive those in good condition and refuse those that have probable – or inspected – damage. Note on the delivery receipt the numbers of pieces received, the number of pieces refused and the reason for refusal.

  9. What if I receive damaged Product?

    Always inspect product prior to signing the delivery receipt. If there is damage to the product, note on the delivery receipt that the product is damaged (i.e. dent in surface, frame bent etc.)

  10. What if product is received and signed for as damaged product? 

    Music Treasures Co. will issue full credit for any items damaged during transport and will take responsibility for filing claims if the following guidelines are followed:

    • Document on the delivery receipt the number of units damaged and the type of damage (dent, scratch, bent).
    • Email, fax, or call Music Treasures Co. to notify them of the damage.
    • Hold the damaged product for inspection that will be completed by the carrier.
  11. What if the product was signed for as clear but later concealed damage is found after the delivery?  

    When damage is not noted on the freight bill at the time of delivery, the customer must file the claim to the carrier within 15 days of the delivery date to be considered for a credit from the carrier.

    • Customer should report damage to and request a claim form from the carrier.
    • Damaged item should be held for inspection
    • Call Music Treasures Co. with any questions regarding the claim process
  12. Why do I have to give you my telephone number?

    Four reasons

    • We need to have a cross-reference number in our system for processing and retrieval purposes. Our database runs on phone numbers. We cannot process your order with out a telephone number.
    • We may need to contact you with regard to processing your order and need an immediate response due to the transaction volume we have. Your e-mail address is not a secure form of communication nor may it be as responsive as required.
    • Security may require us to verify information you submitted on your order before processing.
    • We will not give your telephone number to a third party nor will we use it for telephone promotional purposes. We will not process your order without a daytime phone number. The number you give us need not be your home number but must be a daytime contact number.

  13. Colors and Sizes

    Be sure to specify a color, if available, for any product you order, as well as part number or size. If you do not, you will be responsible for all shipping charges involved in an exchange.

  14. What is the Minimum order requirement?

    We have no minimum order requirements for order paid by cash, check, or credit card. There is a $75 minimum for wholesale orders. We have a minimum freight charge of $8.95.

  15. Do I have to pay tax?

    Taxable/Non-Taxable Shipments
    Schools, churches, and individuals outside of the state of Virginia will not be charged sales tax. Individuals ordering from the state of Virginia or shipping to the state of Virginia will pay the sales tax appropriate at the time of delivery.

  16. Does Music Treasures special order?

    Yes. Just let your customer service person know and we will investigate product options available for you.

  17. Does Music Treasures Co. drop ship?

    Music Treasures will drop ship but an $8.00  separate delivery charge is incurred with every delivery address.

  18. How will my order be shipped?

    Music Treasures Co. ships United Parcel Service with the exception of the Armed Services APO, AEO, AAO, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico addresses that will ship via US Air Mail and should arrive with 15 days. Optional Express Delivery is available at extra cost.You will be notified of your shipment release, package ID and tracking number via UPS e-mail notification if shipped by UPS. The web store will acknowledge the receipt of your order via your e-mail address. There is no on-line tracking for orders shipped via US Mail service.

  19. Is a Return Authorization (RA) required?

    Yes, please contact our customer support department, 800-666-7565, to have a RA issued. Requests for returns must be made with ten days of material receipt. We do not give refunds or exchange books, records, CDs, audio/video-tapes/DVD, candy, harmonicas or other wind instruments, EM Winston band instruments excluded. We will not accept unauthorized returns. All products returned must be in re-sellable condition and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Unauthorized returns will be returned to the sender. Refunds do not include shipping charges.

    "Special Order" products are not returnable.

  20. I received damaged goods. what do I do now?

    Damage/Shortage reporting

    If you receive a damaged shipment or are invoiced for goods you have not received, you MUST report the problem to us within 10 days of shipment. In case of damage, save ALL materials and call the delivery carrier (typically UPS (800) PICK UPS) and request a "Damage Inspection." Do not throw away or refuse any shipment, contents, or packing material due to the "on arrival" condition of any carton. You are invoiced for shipped goods only. Items not shipped will NOT appear on your invoice.

  21. Guarantee

    All items shipped are new and first quality. We do not sell or ship seconds or rejects. You expect and get only the finest quality products.

  22. Custom Products

    We offer a broad range of custom products that can be imprinted with your logo, mascot, store name or favorite saying. Your order requirements must be made in writing to avoid problems. Special order, engraved or custom products cannot be returned.

  23. Catalog Pricing

    Prices printed in the catalog are subject to market and international currency rate fluctuations. Every effort will be made to honor the printed price until the expiration date of the catalog, at which time a new catalog will follow. Typing errors can happen as well. If we are unable to honor a price in our catalog, we will notify you upon receipt of your order. We are not responsible for typographical errors. We regret that any may exist. Actual and true figures will be used on the invoice. Price is subject to prices in effect at time of shipment and may vary from catalog prices. Sales are final for products purchased from our Clearance department . Quantities ordered are not guaranteed nor are refunds given.

  24. Promotional Discounts/Special Offering

    Mail in discounts offered in the catalog can not be converted to on-line shopping. Discounts offered on-line are not applicable to mail in customers. Promotional programs are intended to be used for the advertising program and time period originally offered. The prices advertised in our catalog are available with the phone and fax orders only.

  25. Can I contact Music Treasures Co. Customer Support Department on-line?

    Click here to to send us an email. Of course, Music Treasures courteous and knowledgeable staff is always available to handle your needs personally. Simply dial Music Treasures customer support at 800-666-7565 or sales at 800-798-8613.

  26. Can I place an order with Music Treasures Co On-line?

    Yes, Music Treasures now has convenient on-line ordering allowing you to place your orders at any time of day or night. You may also fax (1-804-730-7200) or click here to send an order attachment

  27. What are Music Treasures Co. business hours?

    We have representatives standing by to take your calls from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

  28. Catalogs

    Music Treasures Co. prints a retail catalog annually and is mailed to previous customers of record every July 9. Prices shown may vary at time of shipment. We also have a PDF version that can be viewed, downloaded and printed. Additional catalogs can be shipped with orders at no cost.  Catalogs requested with first class delivery incur a $2.00 fee. Teachers may request catalogs for classroom use or for distribution at special events at no charge. International catalog requests are sent via Global Mail and incur a $10.00 fee.

  29. International Orders

    All orders are to be prepaid with U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. A minimum $200 order value is required for processing. Wire transfer of funds or prepayments with an international money order are acceptable forms of payment. We will not accept credit cards and do not ship through the postal system. Orders are released FOB our warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. Orders with a Canadian designation are shipped via UPS International see ( .If you have a UPS account we will ship collect to your account. We normally use the logistic services of Schenker AG as a freight forwarder ( Normally air shipments are processed within 48 hours and shipped via a freight forwarder to New York for the next scheduled flight. Normal delivery is five days. Ocean shipments are shipped to the Norfolk Port (East Coast), ground or Los Angeles (San Pedro), rail for the next Ocean vessel assignment. Ocean Shipments are normally an 8-12 week delivery. If you desire the services of another freight forwarder please identify those specific requirements at time of order placement. We normally provide a commercial invoice and packing slip with the order. Consult with your shipper to define additional designation specific requirements and charges. Please be specific with your delivery requirements and services desired. Normally we insure the shipment for full-value and provide delivery to the designation port or airport. You may elect to self-insure? Customs, duty, VAT and local delivery are additional charges and services that Schenker can provide but are not normally quoted unless requested. Contact your local office for specifics before ordering. If you are ordering product in case lot quantities we will provide you with an estimated weight and size of your order otherwise the order must be processed before we can determine the actual shipment volume and weight necessary for exact freight costs.

    Customers shipping product to Canadian addresses: Normally we ship to all providence of Canada and UPS acts as the forwarding agent and broker. Customs, duty, VAT and brokerage charges may apply and are additional charges and services that UPS provides directly to the buyer. UPS charges the customer directly and Music Treasures Co is not responsible for the collection nor payment of these fees. Contact your International UPS office for specifics before ordering.

  30. Do you have a retail store that I can shop?

    We welcome visitors to our distribution facility for a unique experience in warehouse shopping. We do not have a formal retail store display but you can grab a cart and roam the aisles of over 10,000 products in stock. You can purchase many of the products found in our catalog and get some great bargains on closeout and discontinued merchandise. Sorry, insurance regulations will not allow children in the warehouse.

  31. Shipping Charges

    The weight, size and destination of the shipment determine actual freight charges.

    Our shipping calculations are based on order value that has nothing really to do with the costs incurred in shipping your order. Our charges are based on average costs of orders processed over the previous year. Additionally we have insurance, fuel surcharge, residential delivery surcharge, box and packing supplies, order processing and shipment costs that are part of expense of getting the product to your door and seem to change (upward) all too frequently. Large or bulky products may require additional charges unique to the product or combination of products you ordered. Products you ordered may ship from various locations and will incur freight charges specific to the product or its departure location. We have some products that require truck freight delivery and will require a quote for your approval and co-operation in co-ordinating the product delivery. We intend to communicate with you in those special circumstances that require us to deviate from out standard published rates.

  32. APO/FPO Shipments

    We do ship to APO and FPO address, however, there is an additional $5 added to the shipping cost. To properly fill in your address for shipping fill in your address as normal, your city should be either APO or FPO and select the proper state for your location (AA, AE, AP).

  33. Personalized Products

 All sales are finial on personalized and/or engraved products. We request that all personalized requests be made in writing to ensure accuracy.  Please allow at least two weeks for processing. Late delivery for your event are not grounds for order cancellation. Special arrangements for delivery and priority shipping charges will be added to your order to meet your delivery requirements. Call our customer service department when special services are required.