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Hummbucker Electric Kazoo
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Now the kazoo really rocks!
Plug your new electric kazoo into any effects box, pedal, computer or straight into your amp. The sound possibilities are endless.

<a href=""> Kazoo Definition on Wikipedia </a> The Hummbucker Electric Kazoo is sure to surprise with a professional grade dynamic pickup.
Comes equipped with a 15&#39 cable and 1/4" jack. The cable also detaches at the pickup for easy replacement.
You get a Kazoobie Kazoo, Hummbucker Pickup, and 15&#39 cord.
Assembled in the US from US and Foreign components
A kazoo player hums, rather than blows, into the instrument. The oscillating air pressure of the hum makes the kazoo&#39s membrane vibrate.The resulting sound varies in pitch and loudness with the player&#39s humming. Players can produce different sounds by singing specific syllables such as doo, who, rrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.
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