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DRUMS (TRAP SET) An entire set of traps for dedicated percussionist: mouse trap, speed trap, fly trap, snare, and a big bucket of drum sticks, with a roll. (Can we have a rim shot?) 16X20",Edition:S/N 500 . Original DS Art composite images are drawn entirely by hand, in a process that takes up to a month to complete. The drawings are then digitized and meticulously reproduced on acid-free paper, for years of enjoyment. Each is hand-signed be the artist, and comes complete with a list of humorous ingredients. Don Stewart takes an intellectual, yet humorous approach to art. His black and white drawings come alive with hidden images and visual puns. "It's still-life that just won't stand still," he says. Dr. Stewart left the practice of medicine two decades ago to begin building his unique collection of composite drawings, including a growing selection of musical instruments. Your order will be shipped directly from the DS Art Studio on a flat cardboard, individually wrapped in a sealed p
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