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Xaphoon Pocket Sax
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I fell in love with the saxophone the first time I heard Charlie Parker play Summertime.
Like the harmonica, the sax is a very expressive instrument - more than any other instrument, it is able to produce the notes in between the notes - the sharp sharps and the flat flats. The Xaphoon Pocket Sax sounds like a sax, looks like a clarinet and is played like a recorder. This fabulous little instrument is only 12-1/2" long, but it produces an amazing, big sax sound. It uses a tenor sax reed. Its got a brass ligature and a brass ring at the bell end for a nice accent. Tuned in the popular key of C with a range of 2 full octaves. You must either be a woodwind player, or be willing to go through the process of the learning to play a woodwind in order to play the Pocket Sax. It requires lots more air than a harmonica, and skillful embouchure control however, once mastered the Xaphoon Pocket Sax makes beautiful music, and its uniqueness will jump start many conversations.
Comes setup with a reed, ready to play. Complete with a mouthpiece protector and instruction manual.
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