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The Music Wheel - Circle of Fifths Learning Chart
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The Music Wheel is a detailed circle of fifths showing KEY families of chords - the majors and their minors (musically referred to as Chord progressions. This chart is a visual display of the 12 major Keys and their related minor Keys and Chords in letter names.
The Music Wheel is a musical formula that displays the 12 major Keys & their related minors. Each section displays the I, IV, V chords that are most commonly used in simple music compositions. It is a quick visual for jamming with other musicians. It is designed to help the aspiring beginner gain confidence playing with others.
If you play a piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, or any instrument that uses chords, you will be able to see each key with its family of major chords and its relative minor chords, plus a treble staff displaying the scales. This chart will allow you to see the key changes and provides you with three major chord progressions that you will need for almost any song.
If you are a student playing a band instrument, The Music Wheel will help you discover your part in the chord harmonies you are creating as a band member.

The Music Wheel is based on the circle of fifths but has much greater detail by listing the major and minor chord progressions in their root forms for each key.

The Music Wheel has instructions on the back and has a complete tutorial on the web site.

The Music Wheel was designed by Gloria Andersen Moss, an instructor of piano and voice. The Music Wheel makes learning basic chord progressions for changing keys for fun. Carry it along in your music case and refer to it whenever you need a music theory solution.
The Music Wheel is 8" in diameter. It is printed on sturdy 14 pt. Carolina stock in full-color (front and back) with aqueous coating for durability.
The wheel is an inexpensive learning tool that will lack some of the more advanced chord relationships available by other more expensive and detailed wheels that incorporate moving wheels to demonstrate chord relationships. This should be considered a beginners tool.
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