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Music Symbols Set_62 Piece Set
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Here is a complete assortment of 62 durable, plastic notes and music symbols for teaching note and rest values, rhythms, composition, interval recognition, chord construction, scales, key signatures, and much more. The notes are 5 inches tall and virtually indestructible, they will not tear! The Dry Erase Music Staff Item #830377 (shown in the photo and sold separately), is designed for these notes and symbols. So the staff lines match perfectly. You can buy just the set of Music Notes & Symbols set and draw your own music staff to place them on, or also buy our music staff which is dry erase so it has a second function as a dry erase classroom lesson staff. Each set of Music Notes & Symbols contains: 3 whole notes, 2 dotted half notes, 4 half notes, 4 dotted quarter notes, 7 quarter notes, 12 eighth notes, 3 whole/half rests, 3 quarter rests, 4 eighth rests, 4 sharp signs, 4 flat signs, 2 natural signs, and 8 numbers for time signatures. You can place the music staff on a table top and use the Music Notes & Symbols Set for interactive learning and testing! For more extensive and creative uses, we recommend buying 2 sets of the Music Notes & Symbols. A complete set of 62 high quality music notes and music symbols. Made in the USA! These match the staff lines in our Dry Erase Music Staff. Use with your own drawn staff lines. Great for interactive learning. Teaching note and rest values, rhythms, composition, interval recognition, chord construction, key signatures, etc. These are tough and durable, you cannot tear them.
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