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Rock Science Original Game: Join the Rock Alliance (1 st Edition)
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Rock Science writes the blueprint for a rock gaming revolution to the tunes of a monumental soundtrack. With boosted question content and exclusive extras, this is the ultimate gift item for the rocker who wants to experience a whole new level of gaming.

* The blueprint of the Rock Science game design-setting the standards for an authentic rock gaming experience.
* The first Rock Science game ever to be released, gaining instant worldwide recognition. From Scandinavia to Japan rockers are now expressing their love for rock through gaming.
* 2,500 trivia questions, boosted with 900 more questions than the classic Rock Science Original game, providing years worth of regular gaming sessions.
* Includes the exclusive CD single Rock Science by Nicke Anderson and Imperial State Electric, for an authentic rock roll soundtrack to your gaming experience-becoming the first board game anthem ever.
*Limited to only 5,000 copies of which more than half were sold within three weeks of release.
*Jim Dunlop game pawns, 2011 Rock Science Tortex picks for fast and accurate playing, made exclusively for this game. * Premium materials for high quality feel and look, as the exclusive gun case foam interior-definitely a board game first.
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