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Paracho Elite Tiple Guitar - 12 String
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A small, unique South American guitar with 12 strings in 4 sets of 3 strings each. The four sets of steel strings are tuned to the same pitches as the treble strings of the guitar, with the middle string of the three lowest sets tuned an octave lower.
- Attractive inlaid sound hole rosette
- Solid Cedar top
- Cedar back and sides
- Rosewood bridge

Paracho Elite Guitars are made in the legendary mountain village of Paracho—high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Paracho artisans have been perfecting their craft for over 200 years.
These hand crafted, quality guitars are made from some of the finest woods. Each guitar has it's own unique styling and beautiful inlay craftsmanship. Most importantly, they produce remarkable sound and are played by recording and performing professionals.
To ensure the continued quality of the solid wood top, it is recommended that these guitars be stored in a guitar case at a relative humidity between 40 degrees and 50 degrees.
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