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Sonor Palisono TAKX100 Fiberglass Tenor/Alto Diatonic Xylophone
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Sonor fiberglass tenor-alto xylophone diatonic, C1 to C3, with F# and Bb (19 bars) solid wood resonator box. The fiberglass bars are overtone tuned to A=440, the industry standard. Palisono (fiberglass) xylophones have a similar resonance to rosewood xylophones. Their advantage is that palisono is not hygroscopic (pitch is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity), so these bars are ideal for humid climates. Sonor tenor-alto xylophones are unique because they cover a range of two full octaves, giving you space for more children to play on the same instrument. Comes with TWO pair of Sonor felt ring mallets. By having TWO pairs of mallets with each diatonic tenor/alto instrument from Sonor, allows the possibility of two students to use the same instrument at once! What a value for the money - two students on one instrument. <BR> <BR> Dimensions of resonator box are approximately:<BR> 33-1/4" long.<BR> 8-7/8" high.<BR> 7-3/4" wide at widest point 4-5/8" wide at narrowest point. <BR>
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